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Step 1 - The Landing Page

London, Ontario

After you have chosen a domain name worthy of marketing, one that has a natural emotionally engaging appeal to sellers. It will be up to you to determine where you would like to market your website and I must say the possibilities our extensive. From posting the website on your Facebook page, to running a paid Facebook campaign. Setting up Pay Per Click campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as email you list and flyer marketing your perfect neighbourhood. And let's not forget the classified websites such as kijiji and craigslist.

This page is the first step of two of what many people referr to as the landing page. It begins with the targeted traffic landing here and seeing a soft image of a couple meeting over coffee in what appears to be a pleasant get together. This has been done by design so that your prospective sellers are subliminally relaxed and much more receptive to wanting to complete the one step that is required of them to move on to achieving what their desired goal will be and that is to get the value their property.

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